Beautiful Payback

Another Mother is the beginning of a community of amazing women who want to support each other and solve problem for each other. In truth, this community exists already, but this platform is a place to share its knowledge outside of the events and interactions that we experience physically throughout our working lives. This has grown out of my thirty year career. I am privileged to have been born into a loving home that wanted for nothing. I can't imagine how tiny the percentage of the worlds population can make that claim. My mother instilled values of hard work, persistence and independence in me that have made me who I am. Late in 2018, I celebrated my fiftieth birthday. I had a strong sense that it gave me a sense of power and tenure. Another Mother is a helping hand, no problems are new, and all have found solutions that can be shared. Hit the 'Request a Solution' button to share your challenge, or comment helpfully with your own experience when you read challenges that resonate with you. It's a pleasure to know you're reading.

A record 56,114 people attended the Women's All Ireland Football Final in Croke Park.