Big Trouble in Little China

Updated: Sep 21, 2019

Regardless of who your child is and who you are, teen time can be difficult. I recently dined with a fabulous firebrand woman who explained that her early teen was too compliant. For a natural rule breaker, that's a heart ache. That doesn't mean that if she'd had a rebel instead, life would have been any easier. The job of the teen is to distance themselves from the parents. Sometimes this is physical, sometimes emotional, but always in that special way that strangles that unconditional love of yours to a point of asphyxiation.

Each teen brings their own complexity their own issues and impact. But most problems that people faced have been faced by others before them. Sometimes there are tangible and actionable solutions, sometimes it just takes time.

This phase also tends to happen when you've had a naivety to throw yourself back into your career with gusto and take yourself wholeheartedly out of your comfort zone.

Oh, it's also when your parents start needing you more, ageing before your eyes and needing physical and emotional support in a way that they never did before. it's not the easiest time, but at Another Mother, we're here to help.