The Greatest Asset

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

Your first child is essentially a voyage into the unknown, a terrifying challenge with real consequences if you mess up. Relax, everyone messes up, nothing is surer. We are all flawed and human and the main things that babies need are to feel safe and loved. If you value your career and want to get back into it, stay close to us, we've been there and we know what it's like. Be in the driving seat, babies feet can't reach the pedals. Think about raising the adult you want to see not the baby your have, because adults don't crawl, scream and tantrum their way into successful happy lives. Trust your child and trust yourself. Respect your child and respect yourself. You are always the greatest asset to yourself and your family, be generously selfish and protect yourself, physically, mentally and spiritually. Put your own oxygen mask on first.

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